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    Professional Real Estate Investors Guide To Obtaining Private Mortgage And Hard Money Mortgage Loans
    When interest rates of 14 to 18% are added to 4 to 8 points, the real estate investor/borrower is paying 20% plus annually for the money borrowed. Its obvious why this is a good deal for the private mortgage lender, but why should real estate investors be willing to pay these high rates when conventional mortgage money costs 7 to 10%? There are many reasons, but all fall into four categories.

    Earn 14%-18% Annual Interest By Investing In Private Mortgage Loans
    Forget tenants and toilets. Forget low interest bank CDs and money market funds. Private mortgage loan investments are ideal for both investors seeking to increase their income and those looking for growth in the value of their portfolio.

    Real Estate Investors, Reduce Your Taxes while Contributing More than $2,000 Annually to an IRA!
    As April 15th approaches, real estate investors, as most Americans, will come to a universal conclusion…they pay too much in taxes. In this article we are going to demonstrate how real estate investors can reduce their taxable income, by taking advantage of government sponsored retirement plans for self-employed individuals.

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