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    • Some Overlooked Deductions For Landlords And Other Self-Employed Entrepreneurs – Al Aiello
    • How To Combine Seller Financing, The Self-Directed IRA’s and 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges Into One Super Power Play – Al Aiello
    • Write Off Expenditures As Fully Deductible Repairs And Reap Huge Tax Savings In Your Pocket! – Al Aiello
    • Introduction to Investing – All Foreclosure Information
    • Tax Sales, Tax Certificates, Tax Deeds: Due Diligence Matters! – Darius Barazandeh
    • Why the Stock Market Is Not Necessarily the Answer: The Answer Is… – Darius Barazandeh
    • Tax Liens and Tax Deeds – Some Basics for Your Success – Darius M. Barazandeh, J.D., M.B.A.
    • What is a Lease Purchase Contract? The Basics – Jeff Beaubien
    • Cashing in on Your Competition – John Behle
    • Paper. . . Your Most Valuable Tool – John Behle
    • How To Pay Full Price And Profit – John D. Behle
    • A Million A Month – John D. Behle
    • Three Essential Ingredients For Your Success – John D. Behle
    • Three Steps to Wealth – John D. Behle
    • Creative Due Diligence – John D. Behle
    • Discounting As Easy As 1,2,3 – John D. Behle
    • Throw The Old Couple Out – John D. Behle
    • Seller Financing “do’s and don’ts”- John D. Behle
    • How to Rehab Homes for Resale – Scott Britton
    • Understanding The Buying Process – Scott Britton
    • The Absolute Fastest Way To Stuff Your Pockets With Cash – Scott Britton
    • An Offer A Day Keeps The Blues Away – Scott Britton
    • Should You Do Real Estate Full-Time? – William Bronchick & Robert Dahlstrom
    • The Role of Insurance in Asset Protection Planning – William Bronchick
    • “Bulletproof” Your Wealth with Family Limited Partnerships and LLC’s – William Bronchick
    • Flipping Properties – Bill Bronchick
    • Getting Started as a Real Estate Entrepreneur – William Bronchick
    • Trusts – The Ultimate Vehicle for Your Personal, Business and Financial Privacy – William Bronchick
    • Essential Contract Clauses – William Bronchick
    • How to Raise Huge Sums of Cash in Real Estate with Subordination & Substitution of Collateral – William Bronchick
    • Tin Can Alley – The Stairway To Heaven? – David P. Butler
    • Follow Up Or Die! – David P. Butler
    • The Emotions of Eviction – Robert L. Cain
    • Once-in-a-Lifetime Deals – Robert L. Cain
    • Landlord Rights – Robert Cain
    • How Five Key ‘Vital Sign’ Indicators Detect Real Estate Trends Early -When the market speaks . . . it pays to listen – Robert Campbell
    • Nine Steps to Quick Cash: The Anatomy of a Wholesale Flip – Stephen Cook
    • Rehabbing a House from Start to Finish – Stephen Cook
    • Finding the Right Properties – A Mystery Unraveled – “Fixer Jay” Decima
    • Too Many Deals…Not Enough Money? – Richard Desich, Mid Ohio Securities
    • Reduce Your Taxes While Contributing More Than $2,000 Annually to an IRA – Richard Desich, Mid Ohio Securities
    • Gee, I Wish I Said That! Why Typical Creative Real Estate Investors do NOT go to the bank! – Claude Diamond
    • How to “BE” a Millionaire – Claude Diamond
    • What should be in a Good Lease Purchase Agreement? – Claude Diamond
    • 11 Profitable Lease Purchase Strategies – Claude Diamond
    • I’m too Sexy for Creative Real Estate – Claude Diamond
    • Twelve Outrageous Secrets of Success Your Guru Never Told You, But Your Mentor Will! – Claude Diamond
    • One Great Week in the Life of a Creative Real Estate Investor – Claude Diamond
    • Getting Rich Quick – Claude Diamond
    • The Best Kept Secret in Real Estate – Claude Diamond
    • Marketing, Marketing, Marketing – Claude Diamond
    • The “NARS Tax Lease”: A Landlord’s Boon Or Another Pipe Dream? – Bill Gatten
    • Pre-Foreclosure And The Pactrust™ – Bill Gatten
    • The Limited Liability Company…Its Time Is Now – Bill Gatten
    • Making Money on No Equity Properties – Bill Gatten
    • No Down, No Qualifying Real Estate Financing – Bill Gatten
    • The PACTrust™ Another Angle on Things in General – Bill Gatten
    • The 3rd Party Co-Beneficiary Land Trust and “Low,” “No” or Negative Equity Properties – Income Property with No Down, No Bank Qualifying and No Payments. Too Good to be True? – Bill Gatten
    • What’s the Best Way to Get Started? – Barry Grimes
    • The Entrepreneurial Personality – Isabel M. Isidro
    • Minimizing Rent Losses in Evictions –
    • The Importance of Writing an Effective Classified Rental Ad –
    • Mastering Your Lease Or Rental Agreement –
    • Judgement Investing – Yes, You Can Really Earn 100% On Your Money! – Lloyd & Mark Walters
    • New Subject To People, Hear Ye, Hear Ye – John Locke
    • Simultaneous Closes…Reality Strikes – Judy Miller
    • Defaulted Paper-Open the Back Door to Opportunity – Michael Morrongiello
    • What’s Your Game Plan – Michael T. Morrongiello
    • Creating Marketable Notes – Michael T. Morrongiello
    • Now I Know My A, B, C’s….. – Michael T. Morrongiello
    • Pyramiding Profits – Bruce Norris
    • Hidden Wealth in Foreclosures – Bruce Norris
    • Subtle Differences That Make All the Difference – Bruce Norris
    • How to Promote the Buying Business – Bruce Norris
    • Interesting year ahead…2001 – Bruce Norris
    • How to Get Comps – Tim Randle
    • Negotiating and Sales Skills Are Critical – Tim Randle
    • Telemarketing: How To Find Notes (Or Real Estate!) – Jonathon Richards
    • A New Look at Negotiating – Jonathon Richards, Noteworthy Newsletter
    • What if Your Marketing Works – Jonathon Richards, Noteworthy Newsletter
    • Probate: Motivated Sellers & Profits! – Scott Rister
    • Forbearing For Motivated Sellers! – Scott Rister
    • Motivated Sellers Through Conservators! – Scott Rister
    • Instant Cash Wholesaling Houses! – Scott Rister
    • Wholesale Deals Are Relative To Your Area! – Scott Rister
    • Process Servers-Your Hottest Ticket For Finding Motivated Sellers! – Scott Rister
    • The Legal Separation For Finding Motivated Sellers – Scott Rister
    • Pushing The Envelope – Scott Rister
    • Prescreen the Seller – Scott Rister
    • Motivated Sellers Before The Tax Sale – Scott Rister
    • What Is A Motivated Seller! – Scott Rister
    • The Psychology of a Business Card – How to Create the Perfect Card for Your Business – Lori Samson
    • The Landlord’s Guide To The Eviction Process in California – David S. Schonfeld
    • 4 Ways of Holding Title to Real Property – Courtesy of Todd Snider, Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company
    • Here is my Advice For the Beginning Real Estate Investor to Become successful. – Ronald Starr
    • Tax Lien Certificate Investing And Buying Real Estate Super-Bargain at County Tax Auctions – Ronald Starr
    • Anatomy of a “Subject-To” Purchase – William Tingle
    • How to Overcome a Seller’s Objections When Buying Subject-To – William Tingle
    • Frequently Asked Questions About “Subject-To” – William Tingle
    • Maximize Your Efficiency! Screen Those Seller Calls! – William Tingle
    • 1031 Exchanges – Marc Weissman
    • The “Average” Appraisal and The Flip – David Whisnant
    • How To Be in The Top 10% of Real Estate Investors Year In and Year Out – David Whisnant
    • Rehab Scheduling – David Whisnant
    • Pocket Listings-Be an insider and Profit – David Whisnant
    • Getting Good Deals in Strong Markets – Barney Zick
    • Negotiating SFR Foreclosures – Barney Zick
    • Negotiating Is an Everyday Thing – Barney Zick