When you want to sell your home, thinking about doing some renovation will certainly pay off. So, planning your renovation is a sure thing. The crucial and essential part of your plan is what renovations should you do that will certainly pay off. Well, most professionals will tell you that master bathroom and the kitchen are the two rooms that actually sell your home.

So, the focus of all your upgrades should be placed on these two rooms but you should also consider two more factors. The buyers will want their home to look good and be useful in terms of space and rooms but they don’t want a home that will stick out from the rest of the neighborhood. So the two additional factors are your neighborhood and target buyer.


If other homes look neat and tidy, so should your home as well. The same goes for the interior. If the local flavor is flagstone and granite, you should follow the example because it works. Pay close attention to each and every single detail to make sure that you don’t over-improve. Instead of working hard, work smart and stick with smaller and simpler upgrades such as cabinet pulls, lighting, and faucets.

Keep things simple

They don’t cost a lot but they are just enough to give your home a fresh look. Now, if you really want to appeal to your buyers, consider opening up the kitchen by removing a wall between living or dining area and the kitchen or anything else that blocks the view. To make your home more appealing to the new buyers all you have to do is declutter and clean up.


You can also make your rooms look bigger by removing extra furniture. That is what is considered to let space breathe. There is one more thing that is extremely important. Your improvements should not be scheduled by your home sales. The best and smartest thing to do if you want to be cost-effective is to make upgrades along the way so that, when the moment comes, your home is ready for the inspection.

Maximize the space, make a good organizing system and just enjoy the conveniences that come from the changes you have made. With a good strategy and a plan, your renovation project will surely increase the value of your real estate before you consider selling.