Presenting Marleen Geyen, President

of Geyen Group, Inc., a property

management company specializing

in college rental property.

She is an investor and entrepreneur

using her business skills in creating

successful real estate investments.

Marleen lives outside of

Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Marleen collects rents from over 100 college kids every month…

This is the amazing true story of how Marleen, with no previous investment experience, earns $4,200+ per month passive income

… renting out bedrooms to excited college kids!

Listen to Marleen as she’s interviewed by Paulie Sabol

Dear Real Estate Investor and Friend,

I’m increasingly convinced there’s some good news for us.

As I continue to grow as an investor, I become more and more sure that there is only one sure-fire way to get really wealthy in real estate investing. I’m not taking about making a few extra hundred dollars, or having an extra house or two free and clear by the time of retirement. I’m talking about wealth that allows you to live the lifestyle of your most vain imagination.

The only way to riches in Real Estate is a focus

Ironically, I discovered this ‘one way to wealth’ because I’ve had the fortune and pleasure to meet a good number of extremely successful and wealthy investors each of whom do one thing very well—and they all do different things!

Consequently, my current mission is to locate those investors and trainers who have developed a real estate niche and a system for turning Dirt into Gold through Real Estate Alchemy.

Meet the ‘Academic Property Alchemist’

Marleen Geyen enthralled audiences in Indianapolis explained how she had “Aced the test” on making money with college rentals.

Ask most investors about renting to college students and they will tell you to run for the hills.

But, the truth is, you can make INCREDIBLE MONEY renting to ONLY college kids.

Finally, there is a book and audio training with the specific mechanics of making money with college kids.

Here’s a tiny sampling of the Ah-ha’s you’ll get from of Marleen’s course:

Disk 1  3 Key qualities of college students making them perfect tenants

How to work 2 days a year, be occupied 287 days and get paid 365

Why a four bedroom home with only one bath works for students

What to look for in the school to pick the perfect market

Why you will earn more rent and have fewer problems with student tenants

One simple ‘value play’ to double cashflow in off-campus housing

Disk 2  7 Student tenant selection secrets which get you the A+ student tenants

Even good kids need discipline: how to evict if necessary

3 stages of building your college rental property portfolio

How to execute and understand a the mechanics of a lease agreement

How to structure you purchase agreement to ensure 0-vacancy from day 1r

Disk 3  The number one way to wealth—economic conversion

3 level of conversion and when to do each

Where to find the money and how to finance an economic conversion

Who should handle repairs on your units

Why it’s okay—or not—to give you home number to student tenants

When to set up an administration office and how to do it

Disk 4  What to do and say to a negative spouse to keep the peace and prosperity

Generational wealth: How to include you children in family goal setting

Why you will need a team and how to build one

Using college housing as an adult-child’s first investment experience

Actual case studies with Marleen’s own Jamie, Barry and John.

Disk 5  How to set up your investing game plan then play by the rules

Ready, Set… Don’t forget the go. How to get started investing right

7 simple fast-start tips for beginners and advanced investors

What to do after you’ve done everything else

Disk 6  Documents required to do student rental investing

Forms to aid in the property management process

So, what makes Marleen such an expert?

She has nearly 100 “doors” in her portfolio with over 25 properties. Furthermore, Marleen is a licensed real estate agent and has mentored with other industry leaders such as Matthew Chan, Jeffery Taylor and John Burley.

Think about it, Marleen earns 100% of her rental income from college kids. And she does it will maintaining her career and business .

Take a look at what others are saying.

“Marleen has developed a niche investing in real estate that is a real win/win situation. She is able to purchase properties that have incredible cash flow by renting out as student housing vs. a straight rental to one party. To learn from her is the best opportunity that young investors can get to learn from the best of the best. The opportunity she makes and the way she manages her business is the best example of what you can do if you put your mind and effort to it. All it takes is having an idea what to do and how to pull it off and the rest will come by itself. She knew how to recognize a true opportunity when she saw one and that is a gift that can be given unto others.

Her homes also appreciate real well as property around major universities are well kept and homes of style and quality.

The students win in the program too as they get to live in a home environment vs. the dormitory.

Marleen clearly describes the ins and outs of investing in student rentals though her years of successfully building a profitable portfolio of student rental investment properties ”

hn H. McCants ,

Snohomish, WA Real Estate Investor

“Marleen Geyen’s University Wealth is the course and tool kit on student rentals.

It is a step-by-step, process-by-process system for success in the student rental niche. The information contained in University Wealth is wroth its weight in gold.”

  1. Bradley Simmons,

Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor

“I have been a real estate investor for years and never understood the opportunity in college rentals. I have watched Marleen grow the student rental business into a profitable specialized niche.

After listening to Marleen, I was amazed with her system of converting a regular single-family home into a very profitable investment.

Her proven system is easy to understand, requires very little management, and works regardless of economic times.”

Jerry Hoganson ,

Wausau, Wisconsin