Every day, unfortunately, we are witnessing more and more frequent news about breaks and violent entry into private facilities. Although we are aware of the fact that there is not a hundred percent safe solution for complete protection, we are also aware that most burglars are amateurs in a theft.

In the following article we give you some of the tips that can be of use to your greater security, especially if you are moving into your new home, and in a new neighborhood where you still don’t really know the people around you, but also they don’t yet know your daily routine.

New lock for a new apartment

In case you are buying a new apartment, the first thing you need to do is replace the lock on the front door. You can never be sure who had the key from all the friends or relatives of the previous owners. Safety first, so check this link right here now and learn what steps you need to take to be sure your lock is safe and unbreakable.

If the alarm is one of the security measures you have decided on, make sure to hide all the visible wires and camouflage them as much as possible. Thieves will first check what type of protection is there and will look for wires to disable it. The more experienced the thieves are, they will have a better understanding of where the wires are usually located and will try to disable them as soon as possible. So you may wonder what the purpose in hiding them is. Simply, thieves all work fast. If something takes their time, they become nervous, inattentive, and they may trigger an alarm. So give the imagination at will and hide the wires.

Smartphone For Arming The System
Close-up Of Businessperson Hand Holding Smartphone For Arming The System

“Is anyone home? Just check the mailbox”

We often think that thieves move into action at night, but this is not exactly true. Thieves break through when there is no one in the house, most often during working hours and holidays. Why not then leave the impression that in your house is busy like in a hive. How to achieve this? Install the sensors and timers for periodical lighting and extinguishing lights, TVs, etc.

You will not believe how many people still hide the keys under the pots, above the door, in the mentioned mailbox, and so on. As much as it sounds ridiculous, it proved to be one of the preconditions for easy and practically non-violent entry into the housing by thieves. You should give everyone that lives in your home their own set of keys and hide your spare one in the garage between the old tools, or you should leave it with close relatives and friends.


 These are just some of the many simple tips that can help you. Do you have any suggestions and helpful tips to prevent thieves and preserve your peace? Share your experience and protection ideas that can be helpful to others.