If you think of investing money in the commercial real estate, then it’s essential to know the thing that can improve the value of your investment. So, when you research the property, you need to look at its potential, as well as historical data. The cost of the real estate is mainly driven by the cash flow that real state generates. In this case, any strategy you employ can increase your cash flow and decrease your expenses. Below, you can check out our five strategies that can help you make most out of your commercial real estate.

Implement improvements

Depending on the aesthetic improvements you are trying to achieve, these costs can be substantial. In this case, cosmetic enhancements can include new paint or wallpapers, modern décor to the common elements, new landscape, new floors and so on.


On the other hand, if you wish to make some significant changes, such as the renovation of the lobby, new façade, or offices, you will have to hire a contracting company, and their services aren’t cheap. Regardless of the way you choose, you will enhance the value of your property and make the best deal in the market.

Increase rent

You don’t always have to renovate your property to increase its value. You can still raise the rent. When you review the historical data on a real estate, make sure to check whether the tenants are paying the market value or there is a place for an increase. In this case, you need to connect the improvement with the rent, to justify your increase. But, keep in mind upper and lower levels of tenants that are being charged for similar types of changes because you don’t want to price yourself out of the market.

Decrease expenses

You should evaluate the historical operating statements of the real estate and see if there are some areas for a decrease of costs. For instance, if you install energy efficient bulbs in common areas, then you can decrease electricity bills significantly.


Or, you can set up a meeting with a gas company and see if they can individually meter the units. In this way, you can pass the expenses to tenants. Every commercial real estate should have a manager of the building, and he can provide you valuable insight into costs and expenses. In a vast majority of cases, a commercial property owner can decrease costs, without significantly impaction the operations of the property.

Alter the property’s usage

On many occasions, changing the use of commercial property can significantly decrease the value of real estate. But, this doesn’t have to mean you can’t make the changes that will bring you the profit. You just have to evaluate the situation and proceed further. For instance, suppose your purchase an old industrial warehouse in the middle of a bustling center.

Instead of keeping it as a warehouse, you can transform it into a hotel or a condo building or any commercial property that makes sense for that location.